Are you dealing with a dripping faucet, low water pressure, or clogged pipe? You’re probably tempted to call a professional plumber, and with good reason. Homeowners usually don’t have the necessary skills for a DIY plumbing job. They can even make matters worse in the end, triggering thousands of dollars in property and personal damage. Below are plumbing tips that every homeowner should know. Maybe one of these tips will save you from making a costly plumbing mistake.

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This #TipOfTheWeek is some garbage disposal guidance 💦

This might be a no-brainer, but it's best to repeat: DO NOT put things like plastic, glass, metal and other items that aren’t food down the drain.

Other items better suited for compost or the trash include large bones, clam and oyster shells (I’d stay away from all shellfish exoskeletons, just to be safe), and fibrous vegetables and scraps, such as corn husks, artichokes, onion skins and celery.

We also advise against starchy foods, such as pasta or rice, that expand when wet and can clog your pipes. Pretty much everything else is fair game to go down the drain - we're talking small bones and fruit pits, which all can help scour the grind chamber.


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If it is a DIY, don't make this one mistake!

A common Do It Yourself plumbing mistake is over-tightening fittings and connections, which can lead to broken bolts and stripped screws.

These are the words to #DIY by:

Hand-tight is just right. 🙌

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