Are you dealing with a dripping faucet, low water pressure, or clogged pipe? You’re probably tempted to call a professional plumber, and with good reason. Homeowners usually don’t have the necessary skills for a DIY plumbing job. They can even make matters worse in the end, triggering thousands of dollars in property and personal damage. Below are plumbing tips that every homeowner should know. Maybe one of these tips will save you from making a costly plumbing mistake.

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Catch a sewer line problem before it happens.

By the time you realize you may have a sewer line problem, you've probably noticed the symptoms.

  • Sewage backup and blockages

  • Foul odors

  • Mold

  • Slow drains

  • Lush patches of grass

  • Lawn indentations

  • Foundation cracks

  • Pools of septic waste

In order to understand the depth of the issues, a camera inspection is needed. Our expert plumbers will watch the camera footage in real-time, allowing them to make a diagnosis of your pipes almost immediately.  Don't wait until it's too late. Schedule your sewer line inspection today!

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Should you replace your water heater?

Are you trying to decide whether to replace your current water heater or repair the parts that may be causing the issue? Keep in mind that an older water heater, while it may work well in the short term, the age of the unit matters. If your heater is 10-15 years old, you should consider replacing it to avoid future problems.

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